Stock item import from and export to Excel


This is a flexible way of exporting stock records to Excel, and importing new or updated details from Excel.

The stock items to be listed can be selected using Supplier, Product Group and Warehouse.  The selection can then be further refined using a Filter (similar to the desktop list filters), such as "Qty On Order > 0".

The columns to be displayed can be selected from the following: Code, Name, Description, Barcode, Commodity Code, Allow Sales Order, Product Group, Status, Std Cost, Avg Buying Price, Weight, Manufacturer, Part Number, Min Lvl, Reord Lvl, Max Lvl, Supplier, Supplier Name, Supp Stock Code, Pricing Source, Catalogue Price, Catalogue Price Date, List Price, List Price Expiry, List Price Changed, Min Order Qty, Usual Order Qty, Reorder Multiple Qty, Lead Time, Date Last Order, Last Buying Price, LastOrderQuantity, Qty On Order, Order Qty YTD, Order Value YTD, Srch Val 1, Srch Val 2, Srch Val 3, Srch Val 4, Srch Val 5, Srch Val 6, Srch Val 7, Srch Val 8, VAT Code

The details can then either be amended on-screen, or exported to Excel, changed there and reimported.

New stock items can be created when importing from Excel.