This routine allows suggested payments to be amended more easily than in the standard Amend Suggested Payments screen.

After running Generate Suggested Payments in the usual way, this routine will display the generated payments:


The suppliers / payments shown may be restricted to show specific payment values, only those with/without a settlement discount, or a single payment group.

Individual payments may be amended in the normal way using “Amend”.  The “View” button will show the Transaction Enquiry screen for the selected supplier, and “Remove” will remove the selected supplier(s) from the suggested payments list.
The Suggested Payments report may be produced at any time.
The “Filter” button allows the payments to be amended en-masse:
As well as dates and discounts, this allows invoices to be selected/deselected on the basis of their nominal codes and cost centre – so (for example) it allows payments to be made only for a specific cost centre.
After the required filter is set, a confirmation screen shows what’s about to be done in plain English; eg:
Once the suggested payments have changed as required, the normal routines may be used to generate the payments.
Note: this routine doesn’t allow suppliers to be added to the suggested payments list, as it starts with the Sage-generated list.