An excel spreadsheet to show the features that can be accessed by each user

Freely downloadable: SageUsersFeatures.xlsx 

The spreadsheet has these columns:

  • UserLoginName
  • UserName
  • ModuleName¬† (eg. Sales, Purchase, Nominal)
  • Path (eg. Basic, Advanced)
  • FeatureName (eg. Customer Account Enquiry)
  • FeatureTargetName
  • FeatureTargetTypeCode (Form, Report, Workspace)
  • FeatureTargetAction (the name of the form, report or workspace)

Excel Filters can be used to see (for example) what features are available to a specific user, or who has access to a particular feature.

In order to use the spreadsheet, you will need to have "datareader" access to the Sage configuration database on your SQL server.

When first using he spreadsheet

  1. Enable data connections
  2. Select Data / Refresh All. 
  3. You will be prompted for a SQL Server login; enter/select the server and use Options to select the Sage 200 configuration database