Displays aged debtors and creditors  and exports them to Excel

This enquiry displays customer or supplier aged balances, and allows them to be exported to Excel - unlike the standard Sage aged balances reports.

The ageing date and method (transaction date, due date or calendar month) may be selected, along with an account number range, a single analysis code/value, and a minimum balance. If required, the values may by retrospective, which will exclude any transactions or allocations dated after the ageing date.

The ageing periods are taken from the system parameters. Only accounts with non-zero balance are included, and all balances are shown in the base currency.

The transactions making up a value can be displayed in the standard Transaction Enquiry screen by double-clicking on a value - for example, double clicking in the "Queried" column will show all queried transactions for the account.

The aged debts can be exported to Excel by clicking the "Excel" button.