Imports transactions from a CSV file in Sage 50 format, including nominal journals, bank payments/receipts and sales/purchase invoices/credits

This utility imports financial transactions from a comma-separated (CSV) file using the Sage 50 "Audit Trail Transactions" format. It is useful both as a general import utility, and for integrating with applications that produce Sage 50 transaction files.

The transactions that can be imported are:

  • Nominal journals
  • Cashbook payments and receipts
  • Sales Ledger invoices, credit notes, receipts and payments
  • Purchase Ledger invoices, credit notes, payments and receipts

As in Sage 50, the transactions are first validated and any errors listed on screen (such as "Account not found", "Date out of range"). When posted, the transactions are "grouped" - for example, to allow for multiple lines on invoices.

After the import file has been processed, the file may be renamed to ".bak" to prevent it being imported again.

The required CSV file format is:

  • Transaction type (JC, JD, BP, BR, PI, PC, PP, PR, SI, SC, SR, SP etc.)
  • Account code
  • Nominal account code (acct/cc/dep) or bank code
  • Cost centre
  • Date (format ddmmyy, dd/mm/yy, ddmmyyyy or dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Reference (eg invoice number)
  • Narrative
  • Net amount
  • Tax code (T0 to T9 or 0 to 99)
  • Tax amount